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An employee is filing a discrimination claim against her boss.

An employee is filing a discrimination claim against her boss.

As a boss, you already know the pressure and the stress of running your company.

It is a daily battle to make deadlines, achieve goals, motivate employees and provide income for them to feed their families. It may seem hopeless when one of your employees files a discrimination claim against you. However, there are steps to take to ensure you are providing protections to your company.


Making sure that you have maintained proper documentation of any issue, concern or complaint ever made, is of highest priority. Furthermore, discrimination cases can result in defeat with opposing sides telling their stories. Without proper paperwork, your case may start to seem hopeless. Making sure that the organization of your company’s discrimination communication system is without fault. Furthermore, any paperwork on employees being accessible and documented is imperative.


Next, there is insurance available for companies to protect against employment harassment/discrimination lawsuits. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is a specific type of liability insurance targeted to companies and employers. With EPLI companies can have protection against liability cases that arises out of standard employment practices. While the cost may seem extensive to protect for “what if” scenarios; peace of mind for the future may be just what you need.


There is more than one way for an employee to make a claim of discrimination against her employer. Finally, it is important to know how the claim process so you know best how to protect yourself from them.
  • First, an employee may make a claim to someone employed by the business.
  • Next, the employee might choose to make a claim directly to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Either or both of these methods.

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Consequently, when an employee files a discrimination suit against their boss, it is time for an experienced corporate defense attorney to be fighting your side.

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