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Oklahoma Entertainment Lawyers for motion picture, television, digital new media, publishing and live stage.

Drummond Law is a full-service transactional entertainment business affairs firm representing the interests of individuals and companies in motion picture, television, digital new media, publishing, and live stage. We serve film-industry clientele in transactions involving financing, producing, and distributing motion picture, television, and new media projects.  From corporate formation to negotiating with distributors,  Drummond Law will partner with you to make your project a success.​

Why You Need A Production Lawyer

Many independent filmmakers try to save money by not retaining a production attorney to handle their contracts and releases.

However, if a producer does not use the proper agreements for things such as screenwriters, music rights, book rights and life rights, they may discover that they have not adequately secured rights to their film. This will make it nearly impossible to sell their film to a distributor.

Virtually all distributors in the United States require Errors and Omissions Insurance before they will release a motion picture.  A film producer might create the next Oscar winner, but if the producer cannot secure insurance, no deal will be made.

Insurance (a/k/a Filmmaker Malpractice Insurance) protects a filmmaker and distributors if the filmmaker negligently fails to secure rights to a film. It protects against copyright and trademark suits for infringement, as well as action claiming defamation, invasion of privacy, violation of rights of publicity and other violations of intellectual property. If a filmmaker has violated a third-party’s right, such as using music that has not been properly licensed, not only will the filmmaker be liable but everyone in the chain of distribution may be liable as well. That means sales agents, distributors, exhibitors and retailers can each be sued even if they had no role in producing the movie.

Wendy Drummond provides affordable legal services for many independent filmmakers.  Contact her if you would like to discuss your  production legal needs.

We specialize in negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts for:

  • New production companies
  • Legacy studios and individual rights holders
  • Content creators
  • Writers
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Actors
  • Authors
  • Influencers

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