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Tulsa Employment Law Attorney

At Drummond Law, PLLC, our expertise in employment law comes from our Tulsa employment law attorney’s varied and extensive legal backgrounds.  A longtime lawyer and successful businessman whose payroll numbers approximately 400 employees, he not only offers extensive legal experience, but also first-hand knowledge of all types of employment matters.

Trust a Businessman With Your Oklahoma Employee Training Needs

Drummond Law, PLLC, is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We represent employers situated throughout the northeastern region of Oklahoma in all transactional employment law matters involving:

  • Drafting, reviewing and tailoring employment manuals
  • Assisting with employment training on harassment and discrimination of age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin and other protected categories, as stated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Providing seminars about specific employment issues

Our attorneys are dedicated to fully educating themselves on employment issues in order to stay completely up to date with all the laws that are constantly being generated through statute and court rulings. Contact us today for help with your employee manuals.

Let us help you safeguard your business from possible employment law issues. We will assist you with creating effective employee manuals that address those important factors that will ultimately help you operate a successful business.

We recognize that every company is different, which is why we are committed to learning about your business to help you tailor your employee handbooks and training to those areas that are significant for your company.

Learn more about our employment defense litigation practice today.

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